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PB Medical: Pioneer of Product Agonistic Plant-Based Medicine Access in Australia

At PB Medical, we are committed to being the pioneers of unbiased, patient-centric plant-based medicine treatments in Australia. It is our mission to provide patients with access to top quality plant-based medical products made from natural plants and its derivatives for medical and therapeutic purposes.  We provide specialised advice to guide patients through the process of obtaining access to approved medicinal plant-based medication and therapeutic goods in Australia.

Discover the Power of Plant-Based Medicine

Research shows that there are a number of organic compounds present in plants (CBD, CBG, CBN, THC, to name a few) that contain therapeutic characteristics that can be harnessed for medical application to potentially alleviate symptoms and provide health improvements for individuals experiencing different health ailments and medical conditions. At PB Medical, we believe that plant-based medications can be a viable natural alternative medication to provide effective therapeutic health benefits for patients that have found other chemical based medications to be ultimately unsuccessful or undesirable.

Your Trusted Plant-Based Clinic in Australia

PB Medical is one of Australia’s premier plant-based clinics that provide empathetic and tailored treatments. Our specialised team of medical practitioners and health professionals are dedicated to guiding people experiencing ongoing chronic health conditions through processes to assist them in alleviating some of their health imposed limitations and regaining a better quality of life using plant-based therapies.

Comprehensive Care, Personalized Approach

We at PB Medical understand that each patient is unique and requires a customised approach to their plant-based therapy. Our approach is purely patient-centric, with the patient and their well-being being the utmost consideration of our services. We understand that the applications for plant-based medications cover a wide variety of health conditions and we appreciate that everyone is biologically unique and can suffer from conditions ranging from biological, neurological and even emotional. Our consultations are carried out with comprehensive attention to our patients’ individual health needs, thereby providing completely unique and individualised treatment plans for each of our patients.

Why Choose PB Medical?

PB Medical stands out as the best plant-based clinic in Australia for several reasons:

Our team includes experienced medical professionals with extensive knowledge of plant-based treatments. Our combined and specialised knowledge results in finding the most appropriate option for your plant-based therapy.

Quality Products

From trusted and regulated suppliers, we prescribe various first-class medicinal plant based products at our plant-based clinics. Our product range is extensive, including oils, flowers, capsules, inhalation devices and topical lotions. The wide range of these products cover the biggest and most popular brands to the smaller niche product offerings to constitute a curation of the best plant-based medicines Australia has to offer.

Compassionate Care

Patient care and support is not limited to merely the medicine they use. We believe that an understanding, supportive manner of customer service and interaction and a caring, encouraging environment create the baseline of effective and appropriate healthcare for our patients. We focus on not only providing compassionate plant-based treatments but also promoting wellness for preventative measures to reduce future health issues as well, thus aiming for a holistic approach to patient health.


With a strong focus on always improving our knowledge and procedures, we are connected with leading research and development institutions of plant-based medicine in Australia. With our collaborative effort, we provide the most optimal specialised treatment for every individual.

Experience the Benefits

Experience for yourself the ways plant-based treatment can improve the quality of your life. PB Medical is devoted to providing exceptional care and effective treatments, whether you are trying plant-based medicine for the first time or looking for another provider.


Our consultations are exhaustive in making sure that your treatment plan aligns with your health objectives and medical necessities.

Product Offerings

Our expertise on product offerings, combined with our industry networks, grant our patients access to a vast array of plant-based medications and therapeutic products available.

Education and Support

We have a strong emphasis on patient education by providing guidance and resources that help patients make informed choices about alternative plant-based medicine.

CAP Pricing

We have committed to a dedicated ongoing $29 CAP (Compassion Access Program) Pricing Consultation for all patients with concession cards.  Providing real savings and accessibility for those in need the most.

Benefits of Choosing Our Plant-Based Medicine Clinic in Australia

PB Medical is one of the most trusted plant-based medicine clinics in Australia. Our telehealth services allow us to service nationwide to provide convenient access to patients and our friendly, empathetic approach makes the patient journey easy and positive so that patients can explore the advantages of plant-based medicine with guidance from experts in the field without concern.
Tailored Treatment Plans

Each patient receives a unique treatment plan tailored to the features and symptoms discovered in their medical history and data. Patients will all have health conditions and situations unique to themselves and we’re here to help and identify the way forward with the most suited plant-based alternatives.

Support Every Step of the Way

Despite how daunting the world of plant-based medicine may seem, you are not doing it alone. At PB Medical, we understand that plant-based treatments are subjective and may require regular tweaks and changes to fine-tune the health benefits provided. Therefore we provide ongoing assistance and review of your treatment plan so that you can walk the path of recovery feeling supported, assured and obtain the best level of therapeutic benefit possible.

Accessible Care

Our clinic is open to patients from all walks of life and ensures the best quality of healthcare is given to everyone. We believe that every demographic of patients deserve to have access to appropriate healthcare and provide Concessional Access Program discounts and concessions to accommodate the most disadvantaged members of the community.

PB Medical: Australian Leader of Plant Based Medicine

As the pioneering product-agnostic plant-based medicine clinic Australia has to offer, PB Medical is dedicated to offering value through unwavering attention to quality and patient-centric treatment policies. Our reputation is anchored on delivering quality treatment and products that exceed patient expectations.

Contact PB Medical Today

If you are searching for plant-based medicine near you, then enquire with PB Medical on how to get booked in for a consultation or gather more information about our services. Progress towards a better and balanced life through PB Medical, and allow our health professionals to provide you with the quality of service that you deserve.

At PB Medical, we are enthusiastic about using our plant-based medicine treatment clinic to change lives. Whether you want to manage chronic symptoms with plant-based treatment or discover how alternative natural plant-based treatments can assist you, our team of health professionals will provide attentive support and assistance wherever we can. Experience for yourself how compassionate care combined with specialised expert advice will help with your journey towards better health. Contact us now to begin your journey with a team of health professionals dedicated to providing you with the best level of support, care and treatment Australia has to offer.

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